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Maintenance Hangar

Safety You Can Rely On

You’ll always have the comfort of knowing an experienced and fully certified flight crew is in control. All flights are manned by a two-person team: Captain and First Officer. The selection of our captains is a rigorous process and as demanding as the commercial airline industry. But unlike commercial travel, you’ll get to know your flight crew, whether you own your aircraft or are chartering ours. These are experienced professionals with extensive training, thousands of flight-hours and exemplary safety records.

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Pilots in jet cockpit

Flight Crew & Staff

Our staff members at Northern Jet Management attend rigorous training in Federal Aviation Regulations, weather, flight tracking, and customer service and system integrations. Additionally, our flight crews are FAA type-rated in each aircraft they fly and receive recurrent flight training at Flight Safety® International or Simuflite every six months. This specialized training and their many years of combined experience is your assurance that every trip with Northern Jet Management will exceed your expectations.

Jet with engine being maintained

Oversight, Compliance, & Safety

Our team at Northern Jet ensures you have peace of mind with all your travel requirements taken care of hassle-free. We adhere to all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and have implemented a Safety Management System (SMS). Northern Jet takes exceptional care to be prepared in any situation with our Emergency Response Plan (ERP). All ramp personnel are certified and recurrent with National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Safety 1st training program. We are a Wyvern Registered Operator, Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) Industry Audit Standard Registered Operator and have earned the Aviation Research Group (ARGUS) Platinum Safety rating along with a National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Flying Safety Award. 

Comprehensive Maintenance

Ultimately, the enjoyment and satisfaction of aircraft ownership is directly tied to safety and reliability. Northern Jet Management ensures that all scheduled inspections and repairs are performed, as needed. Northern Jet offers complete avionics repair on site, and you can be certain that with our skilled, certified technicians, each aircraft managed by Northern Jet Management is meticulously cared for.