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Business Model

We are the ONLY fractional jet ownership company whose aircraft have a permanent base of operation. Our customers, aircraft and pilots are all located in the Midwest. While our customers’ travel plans may take them all over the world, at the end of their trip, the aircraft that transports them brings them back to their home airport. This is the single most important key to why we stand out from our competitors in both price and service.

When you want to fly, your aircraft is always ready for you, where you live. Other fractional programs have aircraft that constantly fly from one airport to another to juggle customers and their schedules. Their business model requires that their aircraft get maximum use because it costs plenty for them to sit idle in remote airports. But an aircraft without a home base are also much more expensive to maintain because they incur additional expenses like remote fueling, maintenance and cleaning. The Company Jet's aircraft return to our home base for these services, allowing the aircraft to be cleaned and maintained by the professional staff of Northern Jet Management.

The Company Jet’s hourly flight rates are 40% less than our competitors. Why? Because the pilots we use come home. Competitor’s pilots have to be transported on the airlines at the beginning and the end of each week on duty. Additionally, each night on duty they have hotel and per diem expenses whether they fly or not. This requires at least $450,000 additional costs per aircraft per year! Of course, the customers of these other fractional programs end up paying for those increased operating costs in higher hourly flight rates.

But there’s more than money at stake. When your aircraft stays with you, you have complete control, peace of mind, and security. You can leave early or stay late, as your business needs dictate.

The customers of other fractional programs travel on unfamiliar aircraft with pilots they’ve never met before. They usually have to fly on a different aircraft, to and from their destination, making it difficult to use that aircraft for storage of your personal items such as outerwear, electronic devices, business computers, and luggage. Ours is a better business model because it is the first and only fractional jet ownership program specifically built to serve the needs of the business traveler.

It’s about time.® 

Exclusive Amenities

  • 24 hour/365 days/year Concierge Services
  • Professional accounting, activity, and maintenance reporting
  • Modern private jet facilities
  • Interchange access to NJM fleet
  • Sales, acquisition, and consultation services
  • Nationwide fuel and maintenance discounts
  • Factory trained and certified technicians on staff
  • Highly trained, professional, and dedicated flight crews
  • Complimentary on-board snacks and refreshments