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The Company Jet 

Fractional Ownership

The Company Jet’s innovative fractional jet ownership program focuses on businesses and business travelers. The Company Jet fractional share is ideal for anyone who flies 50 hours or more per year or spending $100k or greater annually on commercial air travel, or wants complete travel flexibility. 

Do you have customers or offices in hard-to-reach destinations, or would you like to bring customers to your locations? Do you need a more flexible way to spend time with customers? Would you like to be able to visit three customers in one day and be home for dinner?  Fractional ownership can meet your needs far better than commercial air travel. We offer the ideal solution for companies needing regional and national travel.

We welcome the close comparison of our program to any other fractional program on the market today. We are confident you will find The Company Jet to be the superior business travel solution.

Business man and woman boarding plane, pilot greets them

The Company Jet Difference

The most affordable, convenient and appealing fractional jet ownership program in the industry should be DIFFERENT.

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Jet on runway

Business Model

We are the ONLY fractional jet ownership company whose aircraft have a permanent base of operation. 

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Jet on runway

How Fractional Ownership Works

The Company Jet allows you to buy PRECISELY the amount of air travel you need. 

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Exclusive Amenities

  • 24 hour/365 days/year Concierge Services
  • Professional accounting, activity, and maintenance reporting
  • Modern private jet facilities
  • Interchange access to NJM fleet
  • Sales, acquisition, and consultation services
  • Nationwide fuel and maintenance discounts
  • Factory trained and certified technicians on staff
  • Highly trained, professional, and dedicated flight crews
  • Complimentary on-board snacks and refreshments