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Company FAQ

Why does the Bombardier Learjet 40XR make good business sense?

The Company Jet utilizes the Bombardier Learjet 40XR because of its economical cost of operation and its versatility. The Learjet 40XR has the capability of carrying up to seven passengers and plenty of baggage. Because it is cost effective to operate, our owners can afford to send as little as one passenger on board, bring in a group of customers for a plant tour, or fly a team to visit a plant or customer. This versatility allows The Company Jet to meet its customer’s needs.

What airports will you travel to – number and general locations?

Commercial airlines will take you to one of 500 airports in North America. Through The Company Jet, you have access to more than 3,500 airports in North America and to even more destinations worldwide.

What kind of financing is available to owners?

We have partnered with Bank of America to bring you the most efficient, affordable fractional jet ownership program flying today.  

How does your program compare with the new business-jet charters cropping up?

The Company Jet is an ownership program that is designed to meet business needs. Most other programs are designed to meet the individual traveler’s needs. Our typical trip will depart to the owner’s home airport and return with that owner within one day. Our passengers are both middle and upper management personnel that are traveling for business reasons. Because our program is designed in this fashion, it saves the owner money as compared to other fractional and business-jet charter programs.

Can a person buy or sell shares?

Owners can sell or transfer their shares to other shareholders subject to their terms of the contract.

Am I better off buying two 1/8 interests in two different planes, rather than one 1/4 interest in one plane?

The Company Jet programs allow its owners the use of two airplanes on the same day. Therefore, it is unnecessary to purchase two 1/8 shares instead of one 1/4 share.

What happens if one of the other fractional owners does not pay their share? Can their bank repossess the plane including my share?

No, a bank can only repossess the share that is in default. If this does happen the bank must abide by the terms and conditions of the contract so the other owners are not affected.

Suppose someone else is using my aircraft when I want to use it. What then?

Northern Jet Management has numerous aircraft in our fractional ownership program. There will always be an aircraft available to you.

Pilot FAQ

Why Should I Join Northern Jet Management?

We're centered on safety.
With one of the highest safety records in the general aviation industry, Northern Jet Management safety record is unprecedented. Safety is the center of everything that Northern Jet Management does, and since Northern Jet aircraft have a permanent home, they are serviced by the people who know them and their complete service records.

The Best Equipment and Support
We are equipped with the most sophisticated software available today for schedule and flight management. Also, advanced maintenance tracking software effectively ensures optimum safety parameters.

Job Satisfaction
With a competitive pay and benefits package and the most flexible scheduling in the industry, Northern Jet Management is an open, friendly, and family-oriented company. The culture of our organization reflects our management values - one which respects and encourages personal responsibility, objectivity, fairness, accountability, performance, and a sense of humor.  

. We appreciate your interest in employment with Northern Jet Management.

What are the Qualifications of an NJM Pilot?

Our program features Bombardier Learjet 40XRs, Bombardier Learjet 45XRs, Bombardier Learjet 70s, and Bombardier Learjet 75s. In order to be considered for a first officer position at Northern Jet Management, you will need to have 1,000 total hours (500 multi-engine and 100 turbine), current First Class Medical, and ATP (minimum written completed). Additional turbine experience preferred. Pilots must be able to pass a Fingerprint Criminal History Records Check, an FAA Records Check, 2-year Drug/Alcohol history test along with an Air Carrier Records Check and National Driver Registers Check.

How Many Aircraft Are in Northern Jet Management's Fleet?

There are 21 aircraft in Northern Jet Management's fleet that are managed, owned, or under fractional ownership. Our program features Bombardier Challenger 300, Bombardier Learjet 40XR, Bombardier Learjet 45XR, Bombardier Learjet 70, and Bombardier Learjet 75.

How Many Pilots Are Employed at Northern Jet Management?

More than 35 full-time pilots are employed at NJM.

Where Is the Base of Operations at Northern Jet Management?

The base of operations is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A Northern Jet Management Pilot must report for duty within one hour of call to duty.

What Type of Benefit Does Northern Jet Management Provide?

Northern Jet Management provides a traditional benefit program after 60 days of employment and vesting opportunities in a 401K after one year of employment. The benefit program includes medical, dental,  prescription, life, accidental death and dismemberment, and short and long term disability insurance as well as a flex reimbursement program.  

Who Are Northern Jet Management's Insurance Providers?

The company has Flex coverage with Basic, Inc.; Life/ADD/STD/LTD with Reliance Standard; and medical/prescription with Priority Health.

Is There Training Provided for Pilots?

Yes, Northern Jet Management provides training for type rating. The company's expectation is that individuals employed by Northern Jet Management will stay with the company for 18 months to account for the training expense and sign a training loan agreement.

How Is the Organization Structured?

Northern Jet Management's corporate structure is as follows: Vice President of Operations, Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, Assistant Chief Pilot, Safety Officer, Team Leaders/Check Airman, Ground School Trainers, Captains, First Officers, Scheduling Support Team.